2000 – Rotary Club’s Long Haul

Tennant Creek Rotary Club’s Long Haul fund raiser Easter Sunday, 23 April 2000

Robert Peckham drove “Jucor Jack” Gannon’s ex Buntine Transport’s  Kenworth Lazy Lady #47 in the Rotary Club’s Long Haul Challenge and set a record with 16 trailers.
(Jack Gannon worked for Jucor Transport that was owned by Des Jury and Tom Corry hence Jack’s nickname)
Then a similar event in Winton, Queensland followed and they did achieve more trailers.
Logistically Tennant Creek wasn’t the ideal place to retain many trailers, as  trailers had to be driven up from Alice Springs for the challenge.
The Rotary Club did hold another attempt but once more getting enough trailers was harder said than done. Peter Burn’s truck was used on the second try.