Missionaries of Charity

On the 24th January 1983 the Missionaries of Charity made their second foundation in the Northern Territory, with Sisters John Britto (Superior), Pamela, Minoti and Jeleela. The main problems they encountered were alcoholism among the Aborigines and pensioners living on their own around town.
Gradually the Sisters made friends with the aboriginal families in the camps and so were able to help the little ones to go to school  (at that time attendance was very poor). The first group that the Sisters had success with were aged between 6 and 13, starting with pre-schoolers. The headmaster of the local school had to increase the number of teachers aides in order to give special attention to these children, and close contact was kept with these families. As the time passed the people became less hostile in their different tribes and a happy and peaceful relationship began to develop.
By doing the catechetical work in different schools, Sisters came in contact with the townspeople and were able to help them in their needs. Warrego, a satellite mining town is one example – the Sisters gather little children for Sunday School and also try to sort out problems in their families which may occur due to loneliness and alcohol.
1988 Sisters were –
Sister Ephrem; Sister Pei Ling; Sister Presenta, Sister Shanti Kiran and Sister Sybil.