Tennant Creek Town Council 1978 – 2008

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The current state flag of the Northern Territory was officially adopted by the Northern Territory, Australia in 1978. The Northern Territory has been in existence since 1911, but could not hoist its own flag until  1st July 1978 when it was  raised for the first time in a ceremony celebrating self-government.
The flag was designed by Robert Ingpen, a prominent artist and used a number of designs suggested by the public as a basis for his final design. The flag’s colours consist of the official Territorian colours of black, white and ochre. The Southern Cross appears as five white stars on a black panel at the hoist. In the fly of the flag is a stylised Sturt’s Desert Rose.
1 July 1978 Territory Day
Tennant Creek hoisting the new NT Flag at the NT Government Offices Peko Road

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