1936 – 1949 School Yard

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1936 …

Northern Standard (Darwin, NT : 1921 – 1955), Friday 17 July 1936, page 15
It is hereby notified for general information that the members of the School Committee for the Tennant Creek Public School are:
Mrs. L. N. Stutterd
Dr. Rupert Catalona
Rev. Kenneth Beckett
Mrs. Dwyer
Senior Constable R. Reid
Mr. Joseph Troy.
In pursuance of section three of the SCHOOL COMMITTEES ORDINANCE 1934. Mrs. L. N. Stutterd, Dr. Rupert Catalano and Rev. Kenneth Beckett have been appointed by the Minister of State for the Interior as members of the School Committee for the Tennant Creek Public School, and Mrs. Dwyer, Senior Constable R. Reid and Mr. Joseph Troy have been elected as members of the School Committee for the Tennant Creek Public School.
Dated this 15th day of July 1936.

1937 …

Northern Standard (Darwin, NT : 1921 – 1955), Tuesday 7 September 1937, page 10
Arrivals in Darwin by the Guinea Airways plane on Sunday last included Mr. and Mrs. Allan, who are spending a week in Darwin. Mr. Allan is a member of the South Australian Education Staff,  and holds the position of head master at the Tennant Creek public school, being on  loan to the Administration by the South Australian Education Department. At present the school children at the mining town are enjoying a week’s holiday, which is granted at this time of the year as being most suitable to the climatic conditions, being that period coinciding with the end of the cold weather and the commencement of summer.

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1941 …

Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 – 1954), Saturday 20 December 1941, page 19
APPLICATIONS are Invited from persons outside the South Australian Education Department for the position of a HEAD TEACHER of the TENNANT CREEK SCHOOL.
The following conditions will apply:
TEACHER.— A male teacher with some experience as a Head Teacher (married man preferred).
PERIOD OF SERVICE.— At least one year as from 1st January, 1942. Usual term three years. Actual date of commencing duty. 2nd February, 1942.
CLASSIFICATION. — The teacher will be accorded a Northern Territory classification between Class in Division 4 and Class m. Division 1A. having regard to his qualifications and experience, and will remain within these limits during the term of engagement.
SALARY.— The actual rates of salary at present range from £364 per annum in Class m. Division 4 to £486 per annum in Class In. Division LA.
ALLOWANCES IN ADDITION TO SALARY.— Head Teacher allowance, £10 per annum; freight allowance, not less than £10 per annum; if married. Married Officer allowance. £20 per annum. (Child Endowment is no longer payable in the Northern Territory Public Service.)
QUARTERS.— A cottage will be provided free of rent, but an annual rental equal to ten per cent, of the value of essential items of furniture contained therein will be charged.
LEAVE. — In addition to’ school vacations, one month’s leave on full pay will be granted on the expiration of the term of three years.
FARES.— First-class fares from present location to Tennant Creek and return on completion of the engagement -will be provided for the appointee and family.
Applications, addressed to the Director of Education, Box 406c G.P.O., Adelaide, will be received up to the 31st DECEMBER, 1941




Centralian Advocate (Alice Springs, NT : 1947 – 1954), Friday 20 May 1949, page 16
Congratulations to the following children who took the honours at the recent school examination : —
Grade I — Jennifer Denford 1; Murray Sorrell 2.
Grade II — Judy Williams 1; Heather Cameron 2.
Grade III — Anthea Richards 1; Betty May Connor 2.
Grade IV — David Hokin 1; John Francis 2.
Grade V — Ian Cowan 1; Miriam Priest 2.
Grade VI — Ivy Cook 1; Jean Morris 2.
Grade VII — Iris Griggs and Jean Morris (equal)

Centralian Advocate (Alice Springs, NT : 1947 – 1954), Friday 24 June 1949, page 15


The biennial meeting of parents will be held in the school on Thursday, June 10, at 8 p.m. Business will include the election of three members to the school committee. The retiring members, who are eligible for re-election, are Mesdames H. Williams, T. Markham and F. Griggs. Three other members are nominated by the Administration. M.r. L. Hokin, head master, is chairman of the committee.
The school ground has taken on a bright appearance now that the school building and its new extension have been repainted. The painters are now working on the interior walls and should finish their work shortly. A water tank on an elevated tower is a prominent new feature. This will supply the new electric water cooler which will be operating as soon as the pipe fitting is complete. Very few parents or citizens realise how much valuable equipment is being provided for the children. In addition to the water cooler, an essential item in this climate, the rooms are equipped with electric fans, and a radio and public address system are being provided.  In a few weeks the sound on film movie projector should arrive, and our school should then be as well equipped as many down south. Following the building extensions and renovations, Mr. Hokin has set aside accommodation for a library. Education without books is hardly possible and children and adults alike suffer from a serious lack of good reading material. The head master is planning to provide a good selection of books in a well appointed library with proper accommodation for books and readers, and is now examining means of raising the necessary funds. Entertainments to include a School Ball and later a School Concert are under consideration. Everyone will support these moves.  The Country Women’s Association have made available to the head-master funds for materials used for that very useful handicraft basket weaving. The samples of work after even a few lessons were excellent and much of the work by the senior girls shows great creative talents.
Mr. L. Dodd. Assistant Superintendent of N.T. Schools, recently inspected the school and expressed satisfaction at the high standard of the work done under and by Mr. and Mrs. Hokin