School Buildings


Northern Standard (Darwin, NT : 1921 – 1955), Friday 16 January 1948, page 2
School Children Suffer
Yet another instance of the lack of Departmental foresight in providing for the rapidly increasing population of Tennant Creek is the inadequate accommodation for children attending the Government School.
The building which, at the end of 1947, had an attendance of sixty children, was originally constructed to accommodate from 20 to 30 children. At the end of last year one class occupied the schoolroom measuring 30ft. x 20ft., whilst 28 children had their class on the verandah, which measures 30ft. x 8ft. “This verandah receives the full strength of the morning sun and with the high temperatures prevalent in Tennant Creek during the summer months it will be readily understood that the conditions cannot be conducive either to the concentration of study or to the health of the children.
In a few weeks time school will recommence, with a probable higher attendance, and something should be done urgently to remedy this unsatisfactory state of affairs. Even a temporary structure, such as a Sydney Williams hut, until a building more in keeping with the climatic conditions could be constructed, would do much to alleviate the present crowded conditions of the school.
Up to date the Committee has spent £100 on playground equipment and is now planning to erect a brush shelter shed where the children may spend their recess out of the heat of the sun; but the Committee cannot do everything for the kiddies-it is up to the Government to do its share too:


Centralian Advocate (Alice Springs, NT : 1947 – 1954), Friday 20 May 1949, page 16
Structural alterations and additions to the school building are nearing completion and a spacious infant room, craft room and office will soon be ready for use. The present infant room is to be converted into a library and an appeal will shortly be launched to finance this project. In the meantime the headmaster, Mr. Hokin, will be pleased to receive donations towards the library from anyone interested.


1950 school building - looking NE










1963/64 Assembly Area, Volley Ball Court, hand washing troughs rear of the Shelter Shed