Written by Gay Christie and Sally-Ann Donovan: February 2008

Sending a message on behalf of my mother Gay Christie (who used to manage the Tennant Creek Hotel with my dad Bob Christie, many moons ago) to let you know that she cannot make it to the reunion this year but hopes to catch up next year.

Our time in Tennant Creek was my happiest childhood days, my brother John and I got into huge mischief.  I remember people like Bobby Red Hat, Wendy, Brian, Twiggy and so many others who worked for Mum and Dad. It was just one big extended family.

From memory, somewhere, Dad is in a book of ‘PUBS’ as ‘Merf the Surf’.  I remember a poem written for him by Brian who worked as a yardman, it was put on a box made for the loo, and an old tobacco tin lid was nailed to the top, a packet of Cool cigarettes on one side and a box of matches on the other.  It had two shelves for Dad’s books (westerns of course) and on the side was the poem written, it goes like this:-

Ode to a Super Pooper.

The dunny is a wondrous place in which to escape the human race, with
worries such as Public Bars and Royston Browns and Valiant cars, and hell
we’re out of Marlboro smokes we’ll be in bad with lots of blokes, a little
Epsons to ease the strain makes it gentle as falling rain, a cigarette and a
western story, joy and bliss I’m in my glory, alright Gay, I’m coming dear!

A Merry Xmas and a Grouse New Year.

This was presented to Dad on Christmas Day 1970, by the staff of the Tennant Creek Hotel along with a huge red metal cigarette ash tray.  It was always the first thing that was packed whenever we moved.  I read that poem every day until I left home.  I will always remember it.

For those who may remember Gay and Bob Christie – just letting you all know that Mum is doing great, Dad passed away 3rd June 1999.

Gay Christie and Sally-Ann Donovan (Christie)