Warrego Mine


1985 …

I arrived at Warrego Mine on November 15th, 1985 on my bicycle as I was cycling around Australia, and had left Perth on June 18th, 1985 … I must have been the only guy that ever arrived by bicycle  … Paul Maslin



I always lived at Warrego, so didn’t know too many in town other than those that traveled to work at Warrego. I also worked at Argo for about 3 months and knew the miners there too.
I took a number of photos while I was there and later had them digitised and made into a photo-book, with narratives of my memories. I have attached it (a very large file) and I hope you may be able to use it on your website to give other ex-Warrego workers some old memories … Thank you, Daryl Slater 2014


Click this link to view Daryl’s Photobook